To the self catering lodging Mueritzsee - vacation home Mecklenburg Western Pomerania.

Holiday apartment without catering for 1- 6 people near Lake "Mueritz" in the heart of the Mecklenburger Lakes.

Holidays in the climatic health resort Waren on the brink of the Mueritz National Park.

Open all year around.

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Holidays - Vacation - Nature experience - move/wheel move - bathe - boat routes - culture - museums - and much more into and around Waren - Mueritz/Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania

800 meters up to Mueritz, up to the beach, 800 meters into the old part of town and by bicycle or bus in the Mueritz - Nationalpark


3 stars

Classification of the German tourism federation

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To the vacation home Mueritz / vacation home Mecklenburg Western Pomerania MV.

vacation in the air health resort Waren Mueritz at the edge of the Mueritz of national park. All-season reservation moeglich.

800 meters up to the Mueritz, up to the beach and into the old part of town and by bicycle or bus in the Mueritz - national park short description: Fully out-permit vacation home - fewo to the Mueritz in the Mecklenburger sea-plate. The district town goods Mueritz is air health resort most largely lake Deuschlands in Mecklenburg. All year round reservation mgl. The Mueritz national park ticket leads you to the most beautiful places in the Mueritz national park. The environment of gentle water and expanded meadows and forests is the conceivablly most beautiful idyl for wanderer and cyclists.

description of situation: From the vacation home there is in each case 10 minutes up to the Mueritz, up to the beach and into the old part of town. By bicycle or bus into the national park. Goods and its environment offer: Wheel-drive (bicycle-lend in goods mgl.), a moving, a bathing, fishing rods, passenger ship travel boat rental business, Gastlichkeiten of each kind, museums, locks, property goods, Tschu Tschu course (only in the summer city tour), to Mueritznationalparkticket (most diverse combinations of wheel -, bus and boat routes), nature purely, Mueritzterme into Roebel, cones, Bowlen and much mehr.

topography: Goods Mueritz carries since 1999 again the title "Luftkurort". In the city goods live approx. 22,000 humans. The city lies directly between the low goods lake and the Mueritz. With cleanest air and clear water a paradies for anglers, Segler, surfer, boat drivers, wanderer and cyclists of all kinds. The idyllische old part of town with a multiplicity of restaurants and business loads fewo vacation home to staying and Shoppen ein.

83qm, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 persons, 2 bedrooms with double beds (one with mgl. Aufbettung for zus.2 Pers.), 1 dining-room (also as 3. Bedroom for 2 Pers. usable), 1 CR, 1 bath with tub, 1 Kue with dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, microwave, SatTV, ect.

Our beautiful holiday home is situated in a calm area nearthe historic section of the town Waren (Müritz)

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