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Ferienwohnung Müritz

Holiday apartment for 1- 6 people near Lake-Mueritz in the heart of the Mecklenburger Lakes.

Holidays in the climatic health resort Waren on the brink of the Mueritz National Park. Open all

year around.

Region: Mecklenburg Western Pomerania / North Germany Müritz / Mecklenburger Lakes / Mueritz National park


Persons: 1 - 6; living space: 83 qm; Rooms: 1 kitchen, 2 bedrooms with double beds (one bedroom where you can add two beds for 2 persons), 1 dining room (which can be used for a bedroom for 2 persons at the same time), 1 living room, 1 bath.

A fully furnished holiday apartment at the Müritz in the Mecklenburger See-plate. On the property is a three piece suite with a grill that can be used (otherwise it can be used to park the car). On the courtyard you can store the bikes which you can bring along or rent without any difficulties. The holiday apartmet is parterre.


The district town Waren Mueritz is a climatic health resort on one of the biggest inland lakes of Germany in Mecklenburg. With the cleanest air and clear water the area is a paradise to go fishing, sailing, surfing, boating, hiking and biking of every sort. The idyllic old town with its high number of restaurants and shops invites to rest and to saunter.

The Mueritz-National-Park-Ticket leads you to the most beautiful places in the Mueritz National Park. The environment with the gentle water and the extensive meadows and woods is the most wonderful idyll for hiker and biker conceivable.

Leisure-time facilities:

From the holiday apartment it takes about 10 minutes to the lake Müritz, to the beach, to the old town and by bike or bus also 10 minutes to the national park. Waren and its environment offer: ride the bikes (to rent a bike is possible in Waren), hiking, swimming, fishing, shipping for visitors, boat hire, hospitalities of any kind, museums, castles, manor houses, "Tschu-Tschu-Train" (only during the summer- sightseeing tours), the Müritz-National-Park-Ticket ( several combinations of bike-, bus- and boattrips), pure nature, thermal spring called Müritzterme in Röbel, ninepins, bowling and a lot more .


inside: Central heating, bath tub, towels, warm water, wash basin, WC, bath tub, hair dryer, baby bed, bedlinen, baking-oven, freezing subject, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, HiFi plant, TV (satellite) !!! I recommend the virtual inspection to you - here or in the menu.

83 qm, 1 to 6 people / between 1 and 6 persons, 2 bedrooms with double beds (one with additional beds for then 4 persons), 1 dining room (which can be used for a bedroom for 2 persons at the same time), 1 living room, 1 bath with tub, 1 kitchen

outside: Corner with grill, lockable storage

persons: 1 - 6
4 + kitchen + bath
rooms: 1 bath
1 kitchen
2 bedrooms
1 living room
1 Dining-room /
( possible as 3.
living space: 83 qm
Object prices per overnight accomodation (1 - 4 persons): 79,00 EUR

+ There is a course of treatment tax which is set for persons from the age of 15: we have to charge

1, 50 Euro each day and each person

Minimum stay: 7 Nights

Allocation overview: here or in the menu

Reservation inquiry: here or in the menu

Journey in Germany:

Exit "Waren" from the Autobahn A19 in the direction of the district town Waren- Mueritz; the "Goethestraße" (Goethe street) is signposted in the traffic guidance; After the place-name sign "Waren" you drive approximately 1,8 kilometre (km) in the direction of the centre (called "Zentrum") then turning into the "Goethestraße". A goal: 17192 Waren Mueritz, "Goethestraße" number 53, family Krohn

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